Spice Girls Musical 'Viva Forever' In The Works

The Spice Girls will see their musical legacy of girl power, friendship and female identity live on in an upcoming musical.

Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders will be involved as the writer and Mamma Mia! producer Judy Cramer as executive producer.

Emma Bunton, alias Baby Spice has vocalized her excitement for the impending production "I've heard a little bit about the story but it's top secret. We've been in touch with the producer and the writer."

The romantic comedy musical was praised as "amazing" by Bunton, who also revealed to DigitalSpy she and Victoria Beckham, Mel B and Mel C had been in touch with producers.

Information about the show has been tightly controlled, though producer Craymer did say that:

I am delighted that Marianne [Elliot] has agreed to direct VIVA FOREVER. With her theatrical aptitude for exploring strong women and their relationships and her meticulousness to detail she is absolutely the right person to direct this new musical which is all about female friendship, celebrity and fame. I'm so happy to have her on board, together with Jennifer Saunders, who has written the musical.

The director of the musical, Marianne Elliot is a very celebrated British Theater Director, who recently won accolades for her co-direction of the play 'War Horse,' which recently won several Tony Awards.

The story of the musical doesn't go directly into the lives of the people who inspired it, rather it intends to explore themes such as friendship and womanhood. According to Cramer:

We live in a world dominated by people wanting to be famous. What the Spice Girls did was before those shows became really what they are, and before the world become slightly obsessed by such shows. Viva Forever will encompass the Spice Girls ethos of friendship, identity and being true to yourself, it won't be a tribute or bio show, nor will it feature characters with any of the names of the famous five piece.

See the show on London's West End, sometime in 2012.