3 Spring Fashion Trends To Buy, And 3 To Skip

So many clothes, so little time.

We've been eyeing spring fashion since garments first came down the runway back in September. But now, it's finally getting warm enough to wear some of the trends we've been craving all winter long.

But of course, we're talking about fashion here, and that means that this season alone there are like, a billion new(ish) trends. This year, instead of breaking the bank on every single fad, you should be smarter about your purchases and really pick and choose.

In the spirit of contributing to our 401(k) and not going broke on clothes, we've narrowed down the biggest spring trends, along with which ones you should buy into and which you should skip. Happy shopping (and saving).

BUY: Contrasting stitching

It looks smart, it's easy to wear and it's pretty timeless. Buy, buy, buy.

V Chloe, Edun, Stella McCartney

SKIP: Slip dresses

We're going to be honest: Slip dresses are unforgiving. The thin, silky material clings to EVERY curve. Not to mention they are hard to wear during the day or to the office. It's best to skip this trend.

Tibi, Rag & Bone, Calvin Klein

BUY: An updated white button-up

A white shirt, is a white shirt, is a white shirt. Until it's not. This new trend flips the classic on its head. Chuck your boring white button-up and instead opt for one with a plunging neck or an interesting wrap detail. You'll have it forever and it'll match anything.

Amanda Wakeley, Issa, Zac Posen

SKIP: The color orange

The shade is hard to wear and finding the exact hue is crucial, or else it won't be flattering on your complexion. Also, it's hard to wear an orange item every day of the week -- people will start to notice. It's best to invest in a staple, rather than this loud trend.

Prabal Gurung, Ralph Lauren, Jeremy Scott

BUY: Exposed shoulder tops

Collarbones and shoulders are such a beautiful part of the body to show off and this fad is the perfect way to do it. The trend is so easy to wear and is universally flattering. It's time to stock up on some shoulder baring looks.

Proenza Schouler, Givenchy, Creatures of the Wind

SKIP: Ruffles

Let's call a spade a spade. Ruffles look costume-y real quick and can make you look like a small child. And, if they are in the wrong spot, they can add unnecessary volume and bulk. Take a pass.