These 'Stranger Things' Pizzas Are So Worth The Barb-ohydrates

An order of Stranger Wings coming right up.

“Stranger Things” fans will love the menu items from an out-of-this-world pizzeria. 

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn, New York, has created some punforgettable  specials. And they’re cheesy in the best way possible. 

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The restaurant, which has two locations in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, featured odes to the beloved cast with pizzas like “Barbohydrates,” “Elevenchilada,” “The Demogorgonzola, and of course, “Stranger Wings.”

Sean Berthiaume, Vinnie’s co-owner and mastermind behind the menu boards, told The Huffington Post in an email that, like so many of us who were glued to our screens while watching the show, he binge-watched it. He thought the beloved series would serve as perfect inspiration for some dishes.

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Not surprisingly, the menus made quite the splash on the interwebs, receiving major props from some of the series’ actors including Shannon Purser, who plays Barb. 

While the menus are truly hilarious, Vinnie’s is actually known for it’s themed menu boards, drawing from references like Pokémon Go, and “Game of Thrones” in the past. Berthiaume’s use of puns is extremely admirable and the co-owner explained that he’s actually pretty passionate about the word play.  

“I would say the two most prevalent things in my life are puns and pizza. So I’m lucky to own a business where I can combine my two loves,” he said. “I’m used to constant groans from my friends and family, so I’ve become numb to it.”


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The joint is also behind the truly meta pizza in a pizza box made out of pizza that made headlines earlier this year. 

While the specials change daily, don’t worry! Berthiaume said those “Stranger Things”-themed dishes are available upon request. So you KNOW we’ll be Barbohydrate loading this weekend. 



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