Success In Business Begins And Ends With "HELPING PEOPLE!"

It is a fact that there is a lot of money to be made in growing your own business. But when you reduce it down to its essence, business is really all about helping people.

  • Helping people solve their problems.
  • Helping them make more money.
  • Helping them keep more of the money they make.
  • Helping them improve their relationships or helping them find a new relationship and teaching them to be better parents.
  • Helping them lose weight or get into their clothes by the time the Christmas banquet rolls around, or whatever it is they want.
  • Helping them treat an illness
  • Helping them to live longer or enjoy a better quality of life.

When you think about it, there is nearly an endless list of problems people have, and ways you can help them by solving their problems.

In life, and especially in business, if you want to GET, then you've got to GIVE. But you've got to give, give, give before you get, get, get. That's the law.

If you're going to win big time in business, if you're going to break through and make the big bucks, not just struggle to sell a product here or there or struggle to get one or two customers, you'll have to get into the habit of helping other people.

The cool thing is that when you get focused on helping people in your market and helping them solve their problems, SELLING becomes almost effortless. You say, "Well why is it? Is it just this good karma thing?" No, it's a "Good Business" thing.

If you have a good attitude and go out to help the market, it magnetically attracts other people to you. The real factor to this is you must focus on people and their problems. That means providing real solutions to real problems.

The more solutions you provide to problems, selling is no longer difficult. You just get that solution in front of enough of the right people and you'll sell more than your fair share.

I have a belief that if you're not selling enough of your products or services, there's one of two problems: One, your stuff sucks, or, two, you're not showing it to enough of the right people. So, if your stuff is good, if you're really providing a solution to the right market, then you're just not showing it to enough people and you need to fix that with your own strategic marketing and client acquisition campaigns.

Never forget... success in business begins and ends with HELPING PEOPLE. And, that's good business!