Rebel Wilson's Awesome 'Fat Bottomed Girls' Video

"Super Fun Night" wrapped its first season -- and likely entire run -- with a super-fun musical number. Rebel Wilson and the cast have had several random musical moments throughout the show's run, but they definitely saved their biggest production for last.

The gang took on Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls," and everyone got a moment to shine. Wilson told Entertainment Weekly she wrote the musical number as a way to bring closure to the show's characters. And that may be all the closure they get. Ratings haven't been stellar, and it's not a good sign that ABC aired the final episodes against the Olympics -- the rest of ABC's Wednesday comedy lineup has been in repeat mode.

Even if "SFN" isn't picked up, Wilson has plenty of other projects lined up, including a "Night at the Museum" sequel, and a follow-up to 2012's "Pitch Perfect."

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