Beyonce, Possibly World's Smallest Puppy, Cheats Death 4 Times

She's probably one of the world's smallest puppies, but 2-week-old Beyoncé, a Daschund mix, is also a gritty little survivor, according to a CBS report.

The tiny puppy weighs 4 ounces and is no bigger than an iPhone. According to Beth DeCaprio, the executive director of the Grace Foundation -- the El Dorado Hills organization that is currently caring for Beyoncé -- the dog has managed to cheat death on four different occasions.

When Beyoncé was born -- the last of five siblings -- she wasn't breathing and did not have a heartbeat. She had to be given CPR and was eventually resuscitated.

However, her troubles had started even before this.

Her mother was then scheduled to be euthanized, but the Grace Foundation stepped in and agreed to take her in.

When Beyoncé was born, she was so small that could fit in a spoon, CBS reports.

Now a little bigger and a little stronger, Beyoncé -- who was named after the song 'Survivor' -- is winning the fight to survive.