Did Mom Coach Her Daughters To Lie About Abuse?

Did Mom Coach Her Daughters To Lie About Abuse?

Shelly adopted her two granddaughters when they were young children, because her daughter, Roxy, was deemed an unfit mother. Recently, the two girls, age 7 and 9, have claimed that Shelly’s live-in-boyfriend, Jason, touched them inappropriately. Shelly claims the allegations were investigated, and the social worker stated that the girls were told to lie and being coached. Shelly and Jason say they believe Roxy is coaching the girls — bribing them with a pony — in hopes of regaining custody.

Watch the video above to see some of what the 7-year-old reportedly wrote in her journal.

On his show Thursday, Dr. Phil examines more of the 7-year-old’s reported writings, and he speaks with Shelly’s 16-year-old son to find out what he says the girls told him about the alleged abuse. And, Dr. Phil shares who he thinks should have custody of the children. Click here to watch more from this episode.

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