Sydney Leathers: Anthony Weiner 'Too Busy Jacking Off' To Be Mayor (VIDEO)

Weiner's Sexting Partner: He's 'Too Busy Jacking Off' To Be Mayor

The woman behind Anthony Weiner's latest lewd online conversations told Howard Stern on Tuesday that the embattled mayoral candidate is "too busy jacking off" to run New York City.

Sydney Leathers weighed in on the sexting scandal, telling Stern she became "pissed off" upon watching Weiner on the campaign trail insisting he had changed.

"The hypocrisy got to me," Leathers, 23, said. "I am proof you have not changed...I was flattered that he trusted me enough to send [his naked photos] in the moment. And also just completely baffled that someone so book smart could be so stupid in life."

Leathers also provided rather cringeworthy details behind their sexting relationship, commenting on his penis size and various fetishes.

When asked if she would consider doing a porn, Leathers told Stern she was open-minded and keeping her "options open."

The radio appearance follows several public comments Leathers has made since the scandal broke, including Thursday's interview on "Inside Edition," in which she likened her relationship to Weiner to that of two characters on the political drama "House of Cards."

Since admitting he had continued to sext "six to ten" women after his resignation from Congress, Weiner has plummeted in the polls, with a slew of politicians calling upon him to withdraw his campaign for mayor.

Despite the mounting pressure, Weiner has remained defiant and is refusing to drop out of the race.

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