Moms Imagine The Source Of Those Annoying Voices Behind Their Kids' Talking Toys

One thing a lot of people don't anticipate before becoming parents is the unending array of talking toys that will come into their lives -- high-pitched, singsong voices that perform little melodies to teach babies and toddlers how to count and say the alphabet.

In their latest video, the funny moms of "The BreakWomb" Youtube channel imagine the voiceover artists behind those... for lack of a better word, annoying baby toy voices. Titled "Behind the Scenes: Toy Recording Sessions," the video features a hilarious rotating cast of voiceover artists -- a manically sunny lady in pink, an exhausted mom, a jaded complainer and a dark mystery artist.

Picturing the approach these talking toy voiceover artists certainly must be taking, the BreakWomb ladies have one voiceover artist ask the sound booth guys, "Is that sounding obnoxious enough to you?"

It will after having to listen to it a million times.

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