Teacher Ends Fight In Classroom Before It Begins (VIDEO)

WATCH: Teacher Ends Fight Before It Begins

Forget about getting a gold star for good effort from this teacher.

He knows discipline and will do what it takes to keep his classroom in order -- especially when two of his students try to start a fight.

One male student provokes another with, "You better keep my name out of your mouth 'fore I smack you!"

"What's up then brah? I ain't afraid of you. I'll break you right now, brah! What's up?" the second student responds.

The teacher's response?

"You boys are pissing me off! Listen... Shut up and sit down! Before I make change out of you and you."

Watch the LiveLeak video to see what else the teacher says to handle the situation and keep the tiff from turning into a full-out brawl.

In the end? Class starts like any other day: "I say take out some paper..."

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