Teen Calmly Tells Mom To 'Man Up' And Stop Making Excuses For Her Behavior

Eighteen-year-old Sarah has been in the care of her grandparents for the last year, and they recently gained custody of her younger sister — an arrangement Sarah supports, but that her mom believes is unfair.

"I believe my mom is mentally ill right now," says Sarah. "For a lot of my life, I felt like I've been more of the mother in the mother/daughter relationship, and me telling her right from wrong. I definitely feel like it's not fair for other people having to keep taking responsibility for my mom. My mom had us. We're her children. I think it's her responsibility to grow up and take care of us."

In the video above from Monday's episode of Dr. Phil, Sarah tells her mom: "I feel like right now you're just acting like ... you're just not admitting to the mistakes that you know you've made. You told me you're going to come on this show and try to get help, but you can't sit here and point the finger at everyone else. I understand that, yeah, you believe some things didn't work out the way they should, and some things were said about you that weren't true. But if you really want help, you're going to have man up and say, 'I shouldn't have done that. I should have been a better parent. I should have done these things, and I'm willing to change, and I'm willing to be that person.'"

Can Dr. Phil help this family move forward in harmony? Watch more here.

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