Thank You Jana Kramer For Singing The Words We Could Never Find

When I heard Jana Kramer's song, I Got The Boy, I knew it was a song that would touch so many people, men and women. The lyrics are so simple and subtle, yet so true and straight to the point. "I got the first kiss and she'll get the last. She's got the future and I got the past," read the lyrics.

It's about Kramer's high school sweetheart. She had been trying to write a song about him for years, but couldn't put how she felt into words. If Jana Kramer has lived this song first hand, I am sure there are countless people who have been down the same path, myself included. After listening to the song, many people, I would imagine, would have had a tough time writing these lyrics too.

The amazing thing about this song is that Scott Hendricks, Country Music Producer, knew Kramer's story. He wrote the lyrics for her song knowing how she was feeling, and he had her come in to listen to it. Like many of us reacted when we first heard this song, Kramer was overwhelmed with tears.

He wrote the words that she could not write for years.

The truth is, we all move on from things we once loved. Someone will eventually be with people that we used to, and it's something we need to accept. Relationships will end, and we cannot still expect to have control over the other person's decisions.

Of course, moving on from someone, not something, is much more different. It doesn't mean that we've forgotten about it, or it still doesn't sting a little bit. It means that we have come to terms that we have changed, and have found that something that once made us smile, doesn't give us the same spark anymore. We have to consider that we once had the boy, and the man she has, is no longer the same person we once knew. "We each got something the other will never have."

When we ourselves want to move on, we expect the one we have moved on from to not move on. And when it eventually happens, it hurts. It's a complicated and a selfish series of going back and forth. It's a mix of emotions; pain, sadness, excitement, nostalgia, jealousy, bliss, happiness. No one wants to admit that they feel any emotions when someone that used to be their number one, now has someone else. Kramer's song reads, "If things were different and I had a choice, which would I choose?" I don't think that's even a question to consider. You had a choice to begin with, and there's a reason that things worked out the way they did.

Kramer's high school sweetheart finally heard her song. Kramer told Billboard, "He loves it. It's like the lyrics say: I got the boy. He's married to a lovely girl now, and they have two kids, so she got the man. Back in the day, it stung a little bit. But I've got someone else's 'boy' now, so all's well that ends well."