#ThanksForTyping Shows Once Again That Women Do The Dirty Work

Thanks to all the men who couldn't type their own work, or this wouldn't have been possible.

Women have been the force behind great men since the beginning of time ― just look at Abigail Adams, Zelda Fitzgerald or Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But for every name history remembers, a hundred more will stay forgotten and unnamed. So author Bruce Holsinger is doing his small part to address this injustice, using the hashtag #ThanksforTyping.

Holsinger, who wrote The Invention of Fire, is highlighting all the unnamed women who typed their partner’s, husband’s or father’s manuscripts by posting book acknowledgements that credit their achievements on Twitter.

Sadly, most of the acknowledgments don’t include a name because, apparently, wives really only existed in reference to their husbands. Some of the anonymous feats are, nonetheless, pretty unbelievable.

The tweets describe women in the roles of typists, researchers, editors and, in some cases, practically co-authors. Holsinger’s posts highlight the huge amount of labor women have put into academia, unpaid and uncredited.

Contemporary women are sounding off on Twitter and sharing their own personal stories, with some remarking on the absence of “typing husbands.”

Holsinger doesn’t name the works he pulls from, but they span genres from literature to science to geography.

As Women’s History Month comes to an end, it’s nice to have a reminder of all the women out there and their uncredited contributions.

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