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Thanksgiving Gratitude

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Gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness....all cover the feeling one has when one is
overwhelmed with love that seems too large to return after having received blessings. That's my definition, anyway. I like mine because it describes in one word what expresses gratitude: Love.

As Thanksgiving approaches this year many of us are in a very precarious, emotional place as a result of the shift in our government and some of the turmoil it has caused. Regardless of what it's like out there, in the private little world we personally reside in, there is the opportunity to remember that there is still much to be grateful for. Keeping in mind our personal blessings can extend itself to the bigger picture.

So as we begin to celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday in America, try to keep in mind the following:

  • Keep gratitude in your heart and say a thank you for your life, your friends, your family and your blessings.
  • Go around your family table and have each person tell you one thing they are grateful for. (An alternative to this is to have each person write it down on a piece of paper, put it in a bowl and have each guest pick one at random to read aloud during dessert.
  • Remember those who have passed away with a little special blessing in their honor.
  • Give overall thanks for the table you have set, the family and friends you have gathered, and light a candle.

Above all, be kind and remember compassion this Thanksgiving. Be grateful for you, and the blessings revealed to you. I wish you love, peace and blessings this holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!