These research-backed habits will make your life so much better.
A recent study highlights the impact of the Princess of Wales' kind gesture.
Inside the rise of "no problem," "no worries" and so on.
"Kindness and empathy are still present in the hearts of our citizens."
I recently asked for a raise. From a friend. I met her at a playground, and told her I watch another child in addition to
Valeh Nazemoff is the international bestselling author of The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind, as well as an executive
2. Get angry. This may seem like strange advice from a mindfulness teacher, but anger is more proactive than fear. Like fear
For eight years of leading us with dignity, integrity, and intelligence to a point in history where a record number of Americans have jobs, health insurance, and a sense of inclusion in the promise of the American dream.
One winter evening, my dad was outside getting firewood and heard a faint meow against the muted sound of snowfall. When
I experience deep gratitude in those moments, as if my senses are a gateway to my heart. Pausing to intentionally hone in
#9 - Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media #6 - The Election Between Trump's upset election for POTUS and George Michael
This year, make a resolution that is both easy and fun and take our 21-day gratitude challenge. As we round the corner into
Thanks to this new direction in mindfulness research, we'll be better equipped to choose the practice that's right for us
O's beauty director Valerie Monroe's prescription for a youthful soul: supplement responsibility with doses of foolish fun (take as needed).
Each of the "Power-Ladies" in Manager Magazin has their own list of the people around them that they couldn't live without
Do you have a tradition for welcoming the New Year? Do you map out a plan for the upcoming year? Or is your focus primarily
Then there are aches where they never had been, arthritis especially, which pops up anywhere it feels like it (toes, for