The American Dream vs Modern Dream

Most people notion of what the American Dream means to them is still defined by fame and fortune.

Don't get me wrong, it is a noble dream to have. The questions is, if its still an obtainable dream?

My story is different, my version of the American Dream was becoming a legal citizen.
I lived and breathed that hope, of one day having rights and becoming an American.
Many years were spend working under the table, selling Dead Sea products in malls, cleaning peoples houses, and finding loopholes in the system.

For over five years my human rights were violated, simple because I did not exist..
I desperately wanted to be part of this country, so the hope of one day becoming a legal citizen kept me going.

One August day, I met a man who would become my husband. So five thousand dollars, endless paper work, filling costs, and one dreaded immigration interview later, I finally got my piece of the American Dream. I was a green card holder.

I now work for a major corporation, I have a driver's license, health benefits, and a pricey car payment I can not afford.

The only thing I am missing now? The fame and fortune, my version of the Modern Dream.