'The Art Of Building Worlds': Art From Halo (PICTURES)

In honor of Halo's 10th anniversary, Titan Books is releasing "Halo: The Art of Building Worlds" a not-your-grandmother's-coffee-table-book filled with large, colorful images from the immensely popular science-fiction videogame. More than 40 million copies of the man-versus-alien-overlords first-person shooter have been sold since it first launched in 2001.

The book, which comes out on October 18, includes over 400 images of the characters, weapons, and landscapes featured in the game. From concepts that were left on the cutting room floor to finished designs, the artwork shows Halo at every stage of development according to a statement released by Titan Books. There is also extensive commentary describing the scenes and characters depicted.

Check out our slideshow below featuring art from the book. Even if you've never played the game, the depictions of the Halo world are worth a look.

Pelican Concept

'The Art Of Building Worlds'

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