The Creative Way This Dad And Son Spent Their Snow Day

This kid is ready to rock and roll.

While people across the U.S. were stuck at home during Winter Storm Jonas this weekend, one creative dad shared what his family does on snow days.

Reddit user DiabolicalDialogue posted a photo of his son rocking some elaborate tattoo art. The Lexington, Kentucky dad noted in the comment section that he is an aspiring tattoo artist and bonds with his son by drawing new designs on him.

"I'm doing my best trying to kill the dad game," he wrote in a comment. "Sadly I'm not working at a shop right now, I'm grinding at a factory until I find a shop willing to take on an apprentice with another job and a kid. But being a tattooist is my lifelong dream. But being dad comes first."

In response to safety concerns from other users, the dad quickly pointed out that he draws the body art with a "skin pen," which is "basically a washable marker" that tattoo shops use to sketch out designs.

Though the dad has tattoos himself, he said he won't let his son consider getting one until he is 18 -- though he's not even sure the boy is even interested.

"Believe it or not he doesn't seem as infatuated with them as a lot of his friends are," he wrote. "To him they're just an everyday thing. I'm more concerned about the $3,000 Les Paul [guitar] he's already wanting lol."

Sounds like a rock star in the making.

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