The Best GIFs Of 2013 Get Their Very Own Awards Show

Did you have a favorite GIF of 2013? Was it ex-mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, dancing to "One Love"?


You now have a way to honor that beautiful sequence of moments. In 2012, the Oxford English Dictionary made "to Gif" a verb; this year brings The Gifys, a contest that claims to be the first dedicated to the animated medium.

A nominee in the Gify's "Film & TV" category.

According to a press release sent to HuffPost, an "elite panel of internet experts," including writers from Gawker and BuzzFeed, nominated their top GIFs of last year for Gifyhood. Categories range from "Art & Design" to "Can't Look Away" (Ford's jig is nominated in the "News & Politics category.) The winning GIFs, chosen by the public, will enter a likely-seizure-inducing "internet hall of fame." Voting starts Tuesday.

A nominee in the Gify's "Can't Look Away" category.

A Gify nominee for "Art & Design."

Unfortunately, the Gify creators did not weigh in on the ongoing debate engulfing the GIF world: Gify or Jify? Do you care either way? Let us know in the comments -- bonus points if you direct us to a better best-GIF-of-2013 than Ford.