The Invisible Illness

One day she is strong, the next she is not
Trying her hardest to take all in her stride
Yet behind her fake smile, she must try to hide.
The hair on her neck, the spots on her face,
The child that she longs for, nothing can replace.
The brush that is full
The weight that she can't shift
Between her and her hormones, it's one hell of a rift
She'll laugh, be angry, and then cry
Who knows when or why
An illness inside that people cannot see
Assuming all is fine, but there's more than what meets the eye
Why is this happening?
Will it ever end?
What people cannot see, they simply do not understand
The thing you can't see,
The thing with no cure,
Be thankful it's hers, not yours to endure.
I hope you now know, it's not all in her head,
This illness she has, sadly has no cure,
So until one is found, she must then endure.
She will fight all she can, with loved ones by her side
This isn't her fault so why should she hide?
She continue to fight and find a way
To search for a cure,
Maybe, some day.