The Most Creative Hashtags on Instagram

The Most Creative Hashtags on Instagram
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Even though sometimes hashtags are used to get more followers, they also allow you to become a part of the creative dynamics which express a certain photographic style and is not about getting more likes but generating a gallery of high quality images.

Instagram is a tool which allows you to transmit a message, some style, an art, in addition to giving you the chance to join artistic projects. But what are the best creative ideas in the IG community? Let's go over them.


It's the image of an individual, in profile, stuck in a completely open way, in front of an interesting background. Geometrical contexts combine with dramatic light or a minimal disposition with a dim light. More individuals might be included but they should be clearly discernible.

Instagram is synonymous with showing your perceptions of what surrounds you, which may best be achieved by being mindful of the present moment and shooting right on the spot. Capture what you see when you look at your feet. You'll get persistent perspective, no matter who's behind the lens.

Shoot a neatly organized composition of objects set around colour, mood, idea, place. You choose the subject, just put things in order and place yourself on top to take an orderly snapshot.


Discover the peculiarity of perspective or spark your eyesight with what could be just an everyday scene by going down and taking a snapshot of somebody taking a huge leap. Capture a friend or just photograph yourself. Dare to jump high in the sky or defy gravity. Anything appears to be attainable!.


An ideal style for those who are self-conscious or for those who do not like unveiling everything. This style is a lot of fun since you play by hiding your face behind anything you want. It may be a character, a drawing, an object, or whatever stretches your imagination.

"Make sure your lens is as close to the ground as possible - even if it means you have to turn your device upside down", the eager Danish Instagrammer #puddlegram tells us. @mortenordstrom says it is challenging but totally worth it. It's important to take note of the weather as windy puddles won't prove to be useful.

This is a style which highlights the value of friendship and turns it into art. Ideal for those who are traveling and are reluctant to take the same old pictures we have already seen. All you need is a good wall in the background and your friend making faces or simply being himself before the camera. A nice excuse to take a stroll.


It is all about finding places which have special shapes for one to get in and as a result, take a good picture. It may be all your body or just a part of it, but either has to unavoidably be inside the shape as the objective is to highlight some geometric aesthetics.

Upside down and hanging arms. Maybe those are the two most important traits of this photographic style which highlights the place over the person. The result may turn out to be either funny or overwhelming depending on what you focus on. It is about the connection of people and spaces.

People, as good soldiers, simply stand in front of the camera but the alluring fact is to find the geometry of this with its context. It is interesting to take these pictures in different places to get a series with oneself in different contexts.

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