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<em>The Selection</em> Author Kiera Cass on Princess Kate, Self-Publishing and <em>The Elite</em>

Withsequelcurrently on thebestseller list, Kiera Cass is an author to be reckoned with.
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With The Selection sequel The Elite currently on the New York Times bestseller list, Kiera Cass is an author to be reckoned with. Her books combine an elimination style competition reminiscent of The Bachelor with all the pomp and frills of a royal setting.

The only thing that can top that -- aside from Pippa Middleton starring on The Bachelorette -- are the multiple love stories in the book that are becoming more tangled and complicated than ever.

I spoke with Cass about The Selection TV show, her previous experience self-publishing and, of course, her favorite real life royals.

Check out the interview below and my review of The Elite here.

Which do you think is more emotional: writing a love triangle or reading one?
For me, writing one. I can see the motivation behind a lot of the choices so it's personal to me in a way that it can't be for anyone else. It seems lots of people favor Maxon, which is fine, but it hurts when people just wish Aspen would die because I see how he pines for America. Love both my boys hardcore!

What has been the most surprising part of having your book shot into a TV show?
It was interesting to see the casting decisions as they happened. I've never had a dream cast so it was strange to watch someone else make those choices.

You have some amazing boards on Pinterest for The Selection and The Elite. (This pin especially reminds me of the book covers!) Does Pinterest help inspire your writing or is it the other way around?
Pre-Pinterest, I had a notebook full of pictures of palaces and ballgowns. It goes both ways for me. Sometimes I save something to explain to people that a dress I'm talking about looks like this picture. Other times I see something and suddenly understand the layout of a room.

If you could meet real life royalty, who would you chose and why?
Princess Kate! You think she's into One Direction? If not, I have no idea what we'd talk about. But I dig her all the same.

Have you ever been in an elimination style competition/situation? If not, then what elimination style TV show would you most want to be on? (My personal pick is the Japanese show, Human Tetris.)
No, I've never really done a competition anything. Unless it's a ridiculous situation, I'd just flop on the floor and wait for someone to bring me some pink lemonade and stay there until it's safe to leave. But I'm into Takeshi's Castle! It was dubbed over in America and called MXC. Love that show! I'd do that. I mean, I would bomb in a serious way, but it looks fun.

Knowing both sides of self-publishing and signing with a publisher, would you self-publish again?
I don't think I could go back. It would have to be a very strange situation. Now that I know what it's like to have a support team behind me making everything all sparkly and awesome... it would be so hard to go it alone again.

It seems like the rebels and the kingdom are in for big changes by the end of The Elite. What can readers expect in the final book in the series, The One?
Yes, the second book got a bit darker, and for everything to resolve, it will all have to come to a head. So, without sharing too much, I will say we'll get a peek into the rebel's motivations before it's all said and done.

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