Kate Middleton

For many, the most heart-wrenching moments involved the queen’s beloved animals.
The 7-year-old princess wore a meaningful diamond brooch to honor her great-grandmother.
The Princess of Wales' bright earrings and necklace stood out at the funeral for Queen Elizabeth.
The Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex walked in the processional for their grandmother on Monday.
Prince William and Kate Middleton's two eldest children participated in their great-grandmother's funeral on Monday.
The Prince of Wales also walked behind his mother Princess Diana's coffin when he was just 15.
Queen Elizabeth’s children and grandchildren marched behind her coffin as she left Buckingham Palace one last time in a somber military pageant.
The solemn sight was a reminder of when the brothers were made to walk behind Princess Diana’s coffin 25 years ago.
The Prince and Princess of Wales walked with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and viewed floral tributes together outside Windsor Castle.
The duchess will be first to use Princess of Wales since Diana's death in 1997.