Kate Middleton

And it might be surprising, given one of the Princess of Wales' royal patronages.
The country superstar offered up a hilarious excuse for passing on the palace.
Chopra Jonas' friendship with Meghan Markle may have inspired the dig.
The Princess of Wales revealed the adorable moniker during a coronation event.
Just in case you hadn't heard about protester arrests, Prince William's "Homage of Royal Blood," or Queen Camilla's subtle tribute to her dogs.
All royals at King Charles' coronation could wear their most elaborate outfits (and collars) to show off their rank.
The Princess of Wales looked stunning at Westminster Abbey.
Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry were just some of the 2,200 attendees at the Westminster Abbey ceremony.
The supporter was reportedly unable to fly from America to the U.K. for this weekend's historic ceremony due to a broken leg.
The Prince and Princess of Wales marked the special occasion by sharing a picture taken by Kate over the weekend.