The Ultimate Guide To Sex After 50

Give The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50—a new book by sex guru Joan Price—as a Valentine to everyone you love. And then buy another dozen copies and give them to the people who annoy you, like the crab cake from 17G who pulls other people’s wash out of the communal dryer and throws it in a crumpled heap on the folding table. Once she reads Chapter Four, Sex with Yourself and Toys, goodbye crab cake, hello sunshine!

But why this particular book? Does it bring news? And is the news really, truly all that good? You could be forgiven for thinking Price had already published the ultimate guide, what with titles such as Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk After Sixty; Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex; and Ageless Erotica (an anthology of fiction and memoir, in which this reviewer has a story). And as Price indicates in her thorough endnotes, the marketplace runneth over with other authors’ upbeat, reliable books about sex after midlife.

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