The Webby Awards and the Social Web

Last night, the Webby Awards celebrated their 15 years in existence. However, they also celebrated a lot more than that -- they celebrated the best of the web, the best of social media and the best of what the web can do.

Hosted by Lisa Kudrow and famous for its 5-word acceptance speeches, the Webby Awards are unlike most award shows -- they celebrate the medium, regardless of content, technology or message. However, each one of those elements plays a significant part in what the web stands for and the promise it delivers.

Tonight was a great example of how the social web can be used -- to move people forward. Over the course of the award show and amongst many awards -- 3 stood out the most and received standing ovations:

  • a pair of content creators behind the Egypt revolution.
  • an individual who inspired 'it gets better.'
  • the inventor of the mobile phone.
Those are three substantial accomplishments.

The first two have made an impact on this world that would have never been possible without consumer access to unrestricted technology and reach. And the third one set up the world for a better place more than a decade ago.

While the event is certainly a star-studded one, it also conveys the importance of the web and the interconnecting principles behind it.

Today is about the social web and its reach. Tomorrow will be about leveraging it further for good.