This Is Why You Don't Referee Drunk

Two officials in the Czech Republic were banned after apparent drunken antics on the job.

It might have been happy hour for two soccer referees, but their superiors were not pleased.

Two officials were fired Thursday for allegedly refereeing a soccer match in the Czech Republic while drunk, according to reports.

Marek Pilny and Jiri Jech will lose their licenses and face other disciplinary action, the BBC reported.

In video below now making the rounds, Pilny can be seen staggering on the sideline and then mimicking a linesman during a game between FK Pribram and Slavia Prague Wednesday. He eventually falls to the ground, to the delight of applauding fans.

Steady there, chief.

He was eventually forced off the field by security.

Jech was spotted allegedly urinating on the field.

The two had secondary positions for the match, but drew no sympathy from Czech Football Association honcho Miroslav Pelta, who announced the ban. "They were not tipsy, they were drunk," he said, per the Telegraph. "They don't exist for us anymore."

In addition, the head referee and two linesman for the match were suspended for the rest of the season because they allowed the seemingly soused pair to work, the Telegraph reported.