This Island Has Been Named The ‘World’s Best’ And We’ve Got The Photos To Prove It

Warning: Serious wanderlust ahead.

By Alexia Dellner

Need some inspiration for your next beach vacay? Look no further than beautiful Java in Indonesia, recently named the world’s best island by Travel+Leisure readers. Here are just a few reasons why. Warning: Serious wanderlust ahead.

If you need us, we’ll be relaxing on one of the island’s many white-sand beaches.

UNESCO World Heritage Site (i.e., the Borobudur temples)? Check. Lush greenery? Check. Beautiful sunsets? Duh.

Yep, thats a volcano in the background, NBD.

Oh, looka majestic waterfall.

OK, we definitely wouldn’t mind vacationing here next. (Or, you know, moving here permanently.)

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