This T-Shirt Will Make Everyone Think You Pierced Your Nipples

You're welcome, commitment-phobes.

Nipple piercings are all the rage lately.

Kendall Jenner has been rocking ‘em, Bella Hadid is all about it. We’ve seen Ri Ri’s a thousand times.

They’re not for everyone, though. Outside of the obvious fact that they’re painful to get, there’s also maintenance and the inconvenience of trying to not accidentally rip them out while changing clothes.

So ... want to adopt the trend without the commitment?

The brand, which appears to have been around since March 2015, has an ineffably chic Instagram account and offers a plethora of clothing options that’ll make any plain nipple look perfectly pierced.

Summer Saturday's with @reltubatokad and the Pierced Nipple Tee

A photo posted by Life in Perfect Disorder (@lifeinperfectdisorder) on

🔻🔻 #luving #pierced #body #lifeinperfectdisorder 🔻🔻 in store #glintshop :::

A photo posted by Glint Shop-online Store!!! (@glintshop) on

Ruby Rose has long been a fan.

the Muse, wearing the Pierced Tank Dress 🚬

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The saucy shirts range in price, with the basic Pierced Nipple Tee costing a cool $60.

Here’s one in action.

🔩🔩 @reltubatokad in the Pierced Nipple Tee

A video posted by Life in Perfect Disorder (@lifeinperfectdisorder) on

It probably goes without saying that these aren’t the shirts you’d likely want to wear to grandma’s house, but to each their own.

(h/t Racked)

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