Three Lawyers Fighting for Justice The Modern Way In The Courtroom and The Media

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High profile legal cases, once the centerpiece of many news’ programs, seems to have taken a temporary back seat to all the political news saturating the media outlets lately. But this isn’t stopping three Kuzyk Law Firm Lawyers from collaborating and creating a new and stimulating radio show that’s on a special mission to discuss the most thought-provoking legal cases happening right now. They believe their new show “Fighting for Justice” not only entertains, but provides valuable information to listeners that can benefit everyone’s lives.

<p>Kuzyk Law’s “Fighting For Justice” Team</p>

Kuzyk Law’s “Fighting For Justice” Team

Although Mark Leonardo, Robert Ryan and Reid Breitman, are all at the same law firm now, they come from very different legal backgrounds. Reid Breitman has an extensive real estate expertise, Robert Ryan was a partner at a boutique Beverly Hills law firm specializing in business litigation, and Mark Leonardo has a specialty in employment law. Robert and Mark have decades of experience in practicing personal injury law, and that is their specialty at Kuzyk Law. This expertise allows them to knowledgeably explore every kind of legal news related issue with both insight and understanding.

The lawyers behind “Fighting for Justice” have a profound love of the law as well as a positive feeling about the judicial system in the United States. It’s their combined charisma, partnered with their strong legal know-how and talents, that make this unique threesome the new rock stars of the radio scene.

You won’t want to miss their show.

The following is an interview I held with the lawyers of Fighting for Justice.”

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Dr. Robi: Mark, What can listeners expect to hear on your radio show, Kuzyk Law: “Fighting for Justice?”

Mark L: The show is a review of current legal issues in the news. Each week we select 4-5 stories, from across the country, and give them a fresh and unconventional perspective. We delve behind the headlines and examine what might really be going on under the radar in order to educate and entertain our listeners.

Dr. Robi: Robert, how did the three of you come up with the idea for this legal show?

Robert R: The idea for the show came from our realization that nobody else is doing a show like this. Most legal themed radio shows deal with the problems of individual callers or focus on a single topic. A weekly show that can educate and entertain listeners about law-related topics they may already be aware of in the media, from a knowledgeable but not technical perspective, we think is unique.

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Dr. Robi: Reid, Do you all practice the same kind of law?

Reid B:The three of us come from different professional backgrounds and experiences, even though our law firm, Kuzyk Law, specializes in representing individuals injured or killed in accidents. I have practiced in a large firm and I have extensive experience in real estate. Robert was a partner in a Beverly Hills business litigation boutique before concentrating exclusively on personal injury, while Mark has a specialty in employment law, business litigation and personal injury.These varied backgrounds allow us to analyze many types of law related issues in the news with insight and knowledge.

Dr. Robi: Mark, I see you have interviewed some very high profiled guests. Do you have a favorite show or show topic to date?

Mark L: I can’t say it’s one particular show, but we have covered some of the civil lawsuits arising from the more controversial police shooting incidents involving African-Americans in the past two years. Emotions run high in these types of cases, and the three of us each have different views concerning the history of police interaction in minority communities, the responsibility of the civilians involved, and the degree of deference that should be accorded law enforcement by the general public. They always invite spirited discussions that are informative and entertaining.

Dr. Robi: I’d like to ask all three of you if you have a favorite legal commentator in the media right now?

Mark, Reid and Robert: One of our favorite legal commentators is Erwin Chemerinsky, founding Dean of the UC Irvine law school, who provided analysis during the OJ Simpson trial and is a leading authority on constitutional law and free speech issues. Listening to his commentaries on various topics illustrates how protecting civil liberties is not a liberal or conservative issue, but instead an issue important to all citizens, regardless of one’s political bent.

Dr. Robi: Robert, what high-profile case in the media do you think was a complete miscarriage of justice?

Robert R: A recent high profile case where you just had to shake your head at the result was the mistrial declared in the Federal criminal case against retired Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca. The jury hung 11-1 in favor of acquittal on charges he had conspired to obstruct an FBI investigation into violence by deputies against inmates in the jails he oversaw. The District Court judge had rejected as too lenient a guilty plea deal between Baca and government prosecutors, and there was massive evidence from underlings who had either pled guilty or were convicted after the trial that Baca had a direct role in the conspiracy. That he was one juror away from exoneration is mind boggling, and kudos to the prosecutors for their decision to retry the case.

Dr. Robi: Reid, it seems like court cases were always in the media several years ago. Now it appears to be a little bit less so. Do you think the general public is as thirsty for these kinds of stories?

Reid B: It may seem like court cases aren’t getting quite the same attention they used to, but that may be due to last year’s election, and also the rise of social media fueling a truly 24-hour news cycle. There are still plenty of interesting and relevant legal issues which arise on a daily basis that is important to everybody’s lives. It is the mission of Kuzyk Law’s “Fighting for Justice” radio show to bring those cases to the attention of our listeners. It also gives us the opportunity to discuss important legal issues, and educate our listeners about practical legal matters.

Dr. Robi: Mark, what kind of feedback have you received from doing your radio show?

Mark L: We have gotten great feedback on our show. Listeners frequently comment what they learned about an issue for the first time, or, gained a new perspective about how a legal matter or case relates to their lives.

Dr. Robi: Robert, what are you hoping the takeaway will be from your show, Fighting for Justice?

Robert R: It’s my hope that listeners will better appreciate the fantastic legal system we have in this country, one founded on the jury system and the rule of law. It’s not perfect and much can be done to improve it, but it is by far and away a better legal system than anywhere else.

Dr. Robi: Reid, Do you think the law is moving in the right direction to protect people?

Reid B: I’m optimistic, and I always think things are heading in the right direction. Even though things might seem very divided politically in this country at the moment, the legal system has served our society reasonably well for over two hundred years, and in a time of political divisions has an even more important role to play in ensuring disputes are resolved peacefully. But I'd like to see improvement in the area of government accountability for wrongful or illegal actions by the government.

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