Watch As Casey Anderson Tickles A Grizzly Bear's Feet... And Lives

Do NOT try this on your own.

Adorable... yet deadly.

Bella is an orphaned grizzly bear cub at the Montana Grizzly Encounter sanctuary. A new GoPro clip posted on YouTube shows Casey Anderson, co-owner and director of the sanctuary, teaching Bella about space and boundaries.

Watch him swing Bella around like a teddy bear (one that even as a cub could probably inflict some serious damage if she wanted to):

Anderson writes on his website that all of the bears at the sanctuary "were born in unfortunate captive situations and could NEVER be released into the wild. The bears have been rescued from often inhumane captive situations all over the U.S."

Someday, probably very soon, Bella will become one of nature's most efficient killing machines. But for now, check out those little bear feet:

Along with running the sanctuary, Anderson is also host and executive producer of "Expedition Wild" and "America the Wild" on Nat Geo WILD. In other words, he's a bear professional, so do not under any circumstances try this on your own.

(h/t Mashable)

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