TMZ Fails Spectacularly At Getting Hillary Clinton On The Record About Email Scandal

TMZ had not one but two chances to get Hillary Clinton on the record about her recent email controversy. The gossip site managed to botch both opportunities in truly spectacular fashion.

First, after The New York Times released it's bombshell report claiming Clinton had used a personal email account during her tenure at the State Department, photographer Colin Drummond used an encounter with the former secretary of state to ask her about running for president. Clinton's plans for 2016 have been a source of media speculation (read: obsession) for months now, but not the most pressing matter at the moment.

Wednesday, Drummond got a second chance at Reagan National Airport, but phrased his question in such an awkward, unintelligible manner that Clinton wouldn't have been able to answer it even if she was willing. Instead, Clinton responded with a slight smile and a cold shoulder.

“Hillary, with the blunder on the emails," Drummond asked. "Was that just a generalization gap or can that be corrected?”

Wait, what? Generalization gap?