How To Pee & Other Insane Signs That Teach You To Use The Bathroom (PHOTOS)

Anyone who has spent time traveling in less developed parts of the world, such as...well, Italy, has probably come across a squat toilet. Some travelers embrace the new experience, but many simply venture in, take a cursory look at the hole in the floor, and then decide they can wait.

In other words, the act of going to the toilet, thinking about going but deciding not to, or even holding it in for the duration of your trip is a topic of much conversation. Typically, such talk is between friends; magazines and newspapers tend to steer clear of the topic. Until now. People know that visiting a toilet in a foreign place can be traumatic. So what do locals do to ease our anxiety? They put up signs. Which, sometimes, just makes matters worse. It's really no surprise that toilet-related signs are among the most frequently submitted. Stumble across one during your travels? Send it in at and check out the free iphone/ipad app.

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