Tom Cruise, Suri Go For Helicopter Ride (PHOTO)

By now, we all know that Tom Cruise arrived in New York Tuesday morning to reunite with daughter Suri Cruise, but what exactly do the pair have planned for the week? If today's photographs are any indication, Cruise is ripping a page from the "Mission Impossible" handbook: The actor took his 6-year-old daughter for a helicopter ride over New York Wednesday morning before enjoying an "action-packed day ahead," according to TMZ.

Tuesday's arrival marked the first scheduled visit from Tom Cruise to Suri since Katie Holmes filed for divorce on June 29. Cruise reportedly last saw his daughter on June 16, when Katie and Suri visited him in Iceland while he was shooting the sci-fi thriller "Oblivion."

Cruise arrived in New York with sister Cass, a Scientology homeschooling teacher who is married to a prominent member of the church; they were seen bearing multiple gifts as they entered Tribeca's swanky Greenwich Hotel, which is co-owned by Robert DeNiro. Suri appears to be spending the night with her father and aunt at the Greenwich Hotel, which reportedly rented out three suites for Cruise and his staff.

tom cruise suri

suri tom cruise

Check out photos from Cruise and Holmes' relationship below

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
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