Tommy Wiseau In New Web Series 'The Tommy Wi-Show' (VIDEO)


"This is not my house. I was just making an egg breakfast. This is not my house!"

We imagine this is how all of Tommy Wiseau's days begin.

As if someone sneaked into our dreams and wrote down what they saw, "The Tommy Wi-Show" has entered the world and it's every bit as weird as it should be. With a healthy dose of inspiration from Mystery Science Theater 3000, the "Wi-Show" features the embattled hero from "The Room" trapped in a Satellite Of Love-Esque space station, where he is forced to play video games by aliens.

WATCH! As Wiseau picks his Mortal Kombat character! MARVEL! As Wiseau promises to "kick your ass fer sure." DELIGHT! As Wiseau tries to figure out how to enter a chat room!

It's all here, just as you imagined it.


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