the room

Opening in 2018, "Best F(r)iends" involves evil clowns, vampires and his old pal Greg. But Wiseau and co. aren't trying to recapture "The Room."
Scientists believe "The Room" is the reason doves cry.
After years of ebbs and flows, the actor, director and all-around workaholic talks about making a movie about the worst movie ever made.
You might not have ever heard of Tommy Wiseau. He’s the elusive man who directed “The Room” in 2003, a cult film that is
The actors teamed up to try and laugh about their experience together.
Rick Harper became obsessed with finding out more about “The Room” creator, and it cost him their friendship.
If you want to know what happened with Claudette's breast cancer, you better take all your spoons to the pawn shop to help
The Disaster Artist audiobook is available at Thought "The Room" was already pretty weird? Wait until you hear
Machete, which turned veteran character actor Danny Trejo into a leading man, was a wild and wildly violent action-comedy, a spoof of exploitation films of the 1970s. So, obviously, is Machete Kills. How much of a spoof?
Cossbysweater, the comedy-nerd musical alter ago of Allie Goertz, released a new music video for song "Leave," inspired by
'The Room,' a film released in 2003, became a cult classic after it grossed $1,800 at the box office. The film's co-star Greg Sestero and journalist Tom Bissell join us to reveal how the movie was made and to debut their book "The Disaster Artist."
It took Tommy thirty minutes to feel comfortable enough to walk down the outhouse’s two steps without staring at his feet