Tony Hawk Rides 'World's First' Hoverboard

Tony Hawk has taken his skateboarding skills to new heights -- on a real-life hoverboard.

Last month, Silicon Valley startup Arx Pax claimed it had invented the “world’s first hoverboard,” dubbed the “Hendo.” With the help of four hover engines located at the bottom of the board, the machine apparently works by producing a magnetic field over a conductive surface like aluminum or copper. The futuristic machine hovers about an inch above the ground and can travel at 15 mph, TMZ reports.

Hawk, accompanied by writer Dave Carnie, recently visited an Arx Pax warehouse, where he took the Hendo Hoverboard for a spin.

Describing what it was like when Hawk first stepped onto the hoverboard, Carnie wrote on skate- centric blog The Ride Channel:

The rocket scientist fired up the engines. And lo and behold, the hoverboard rose off the copper floor and floated about an inch above the surface. Seeing it on video is one thing, but in person it’s remarkable. The two scientists steadied the thing, and Tony mounted the hoverboard. The scientists let go. And Tony Hawk was hovering.


Back in March, the skateboard legend was involved in an elaborate hoverboard hoax, orchestrated by comedy website Funny or Die. But his Hendo stunt appears to be totally real.

According to Carnie, Hendo Hoverboard co-creator Greg Henderson recently told Hawk that he could help raise awareness about the machine’s technology. “It can’t be me," Hawk initially responded. "Nobody believes me anymore. I’m the boy who cried hoverboard.”

A Kickstarter campaign for the Hendo Hoverboard launched last month. More than $450,000 has been raised so far, surpassing Arx Pax's goal of $250,000.



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