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Traveling To 10 Zombie Film Locations (PHOTOS)

Dozens of B-movies tempted us with tantalizing travel titles:,,and.
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No amount of conscientious travel planning can prepare you for those unexpected, trip-ruining twists like violent hurricanes, lost passports, abrupt political turmoil or sudden zombie attacks. Yes, the threat is real, but only if you're deranged enough to believe everything you see on movie and TV screens.

Reanimated corpses by the millions have terrorized the public imagination ever since monster maestro Bela Lugosi appeared in White Zombie, considered the first feature-length zombie film, in 1932. Hollywood's latest trip down zombie lane is season two of the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead (premieres October 16 on AMC), in which we join our protagonists on what promises to be the road trip from hell after escaping zombie-ravaged Atlanta.

Inspired by the series, we wondered where we might hide, and whether we stood a fighting chance, if we took a wrong flight and ended up in a zombie film. Dozens of B-movies tempted us with tantalizing travel titles: Female Mercenaries on Zombie Island, The Horror of Party Beach, Spring Break Zombie Cruise and Zombie Honeymoon. Choosing was hard so we decided to go with the bigger budget fare that resonates more deeply in our collective subconscious. At the very least, we hope our list spawns a few Halloween costume ideas.

Zombie Film Locations