Trader Joe's Denver: Grocery Store Chain Confirms 2013 Location

It's official: Trader Joe's announced on Wednesday that their first Denver store will be located on the corner of Colorado Boulevard and East 8th Avenue and will open in 2013.

The Denver Post reports that Denver Trader Joe's will also feature an adjacent beer and wine store where the grocer's famous "Two Buck Chuck" wine will be available.

The grocery store will be 14,000 square feet while the separate beer and wine shop will be 3,740 square feet, according to 7News.

Trader Joe's signed a letter of intent to open the first Denver store on the southeast Corner of Colorado Blvd. and Eighth Avenue back in May, however the grocery store chain had not confirmed the rumored location until Wednesday.

9News reports that the Denver site is where Annie's Cafe used to be before it moved to Colfax Avenue in 2008 to make room for a hotel that was never built.

This Denver location would be the second Colorado store for Trader Joe's. In February, the California grocery store chain announced that it would be opening its first Colorado store in Boulder at the Twenty Ninth Street Mall.

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