'Turtleman' Ernie Brown Jr. Gets Spit On By Llama In Animal Planet's 'Call Of The Wildman'

If there are worse ways to spend a day than getting spit on by angry llamas, animal trapper Ernie Brown Jr. has yet to find one.

Brown, who is better known as "Turtleman," is a Kentucky-based trapper who makes his living removing animals and "varmints" from homes and businesses in the Bluegrass state.

His Animal Planet series, "Call Of The Wildman," returns for its second season on June 2, and the season premiere shows Brown learning the hard way how it feels to be spit on by an angry mama llama.

"Oh man, looking like it's getting cocked and loaded there and might spit," is what Brown told partner Neal James, just moments before he got attacked by saliva.

It's more than just saliva, according to James.

"When llamas are mad, they can literally spit food at you that they've already chewed and swallowed," James said on the show.

As much as Brown tried to evade what he called the llama's "spit ray," it was all for naught.

"I'm trying to get the spit out of my eyes," he said in the aftermath of the llama's purging of digestive fluids in his face. "It's burning like fire. It comes out of their, you know, stomach system and they use it as a weapon."

Brown tried to avoid further attacks while trying to capture the runaway llama, but James didn't think the technique was effective.

"I think [Brown] is waiting for her to run out of spit, but it looks like she could keep this going all day," James said.



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