UK Snowstorm Traps 7 People In Pub For 8 Days

Brits TRAPPED In Bar For A Week

While Britain's recent snowstorms left businesses closed and travelers stranded, not all of the weather-related mishaps were quite so bleak. The BBC is reporting that a couple and five staff members enjoyed the ultimate lock-in when they were trapped inside one of Britain's highest pubs because of the heavy snow.

Though their cars were buried by snow drifts outside starting on Nov. 26, the confined group at North Yorkshire's Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge kept themselves busy by eating, drinking and playing games in a huge bar that normally serves up to 150 customers a night. The Inn, which stands 1,325 feet above sea level, also operates as a bed and breakfast, so the couple and staff were able to retire to its bedrooms, post-merriment.

"We never imagined it would be for this long," waitress Katie Underwood, 18, told the Daily Mail as the pub re-opened Dec. 4. "We've been having a lot of fun - most nights we've been playing Monopoly or another board game, as well as keeping a beverage close by for warmth!"

The icy internment wasn't all fun and games, however, and others in the group claimed they were suffering from cabin fever. "I have been going a bit crazy, doing weird things like talking to myself," chef Daniel Butterworth told the BBC. "We have had people phoning up asking to get trapped in, but it's kind of boring now and I would like to go home."

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