Winter Storm

Even before the storm made landfall, five people had to be rescued by the Coast Guard from a boat anchored near the North Carolina coastline.
Hurricane Lee whirled through open waters toward the northeast Caribbean late Thursday becoming the first Category 5 storm of the Atlantic season.
Hurricane Idalia made landfall on Florida’s coast as a dangerous Category 3 major storm.
Thousands of people are without power and bracing for severe flooding after storm system Hilary brought a record-breaking deluge of rain and wind to Southern California.
The entire episode was recorded by the deputy’s body camera.
The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado had touched down around 11:20 a.m in the Los Angeles suburb of Montebello.
The storm system is taking aim at the Northeast after causing widespread damage leaving thousands without power.
Huge snowfall left some residents homebound in Southern California mountain communities, and they could be snowed in for another week.
Three months ago virtually all of California was in drought, including at extreme and exceptional levels.
“He wanted no glory for it,” California’s Hope the Mission said of the Foo Fighters frontman’s kind act.