Winter Storm

Police Officers in California came to the rescue after ducklings found themselves stuck in a storm drain.
The storm brought blizzard conditions to parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota.
Rescuers saved people who were stranded on the hood of their car as they were swept downstream by floodwaters.
Rescue crews in Durban, South Africa, spent nearly four hours trying to get the child out of the drain.
Nearly 200,000 people were without electricity in Virginia and North Carolina on Sunday morning.
Over 1,600 flights had been canceled nationwide as of Sunday evening.
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Florence was downgraded to a Tropical Depression early Sunday but officials warned the storm remained potentially "catastrophic."
Dramatic images show Hurricane Florence battering North Carolina as it makes landfall with 90 mph winds and storm surge.
Meteorologists are warning Hurricane Florence could be as bad as 1954’s Hurricane Hazel, one of the worst storms to ever make landfall in the United States.
Tropical Storm Barry is expected to make landfall in Louisiana late Friday or early Saturday.
A Duck Boat capsized when it was caught in a major storm at Table Rock Lake, Missouri. Thirty people were on board and at least 13 lives have been lost. Divers are searching the lake for survivors.
Boston Mayor Marty Walsh that the storm "seems like this one is going to be a big one.”
Up to 2 feet of snow accumulation was expected in some inland parts of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts and 18 inches was possible in Maine.
Thousands of people are still without power after the previous storm.
A combination of heavy rains, monthly extreme high tides and a wind-driven storm surge could combine to cause several feet of water to flow onto streets.
Last year, climate-linked disasters caused a record $306 billion in damage.
States of emergency were declared in Georgia, North Carolina and Louisiana due to the severe winter weather.