Drones Causing Worldwide Spike In UFO Sightings

Drones Causing Worldwide Spike In UFO Sightings

There was once a time when UFO sightings turned out to be easily identified objects like weather balloons, lenticular clouds, satellites, meteorites, planets, conventional aircraft, weather anomalies and other normal things.

Now, here come the drones, the newest addition to the growing list of misidentified things in the sky that many people claim are ships from another part of our galaxy. (Watch the HuffPost Live video above)

Here's the big problem with all of this: Not only do these unmanned objects look like UFOs or flying saucers, a lot of them are deliberately and inexpensively created to look like UFOs or flying saucers.


It's a simple equation: More drones in the sky = more UFO reports.

From a "flying saucer" drone created by a Canadian science center to deliberately fool people at a baseball game (see image above), to a news agency's hovering, camera-mounted craft observing a large crowd of protestors in Moscow, drone technology is used for military purposes as well as consumerism trickery.


STORY CORRECTION: Upon looking back at the HuffPost Live video interview at the top of the story, this reporter discovered that he gave an inaccurate statement about UFOs. He said, "Literally, 4 to 5 percent of every UFO sighting or report can be easily explained if you give it a chance to be explained." What he meant to say (and thought he said) was that 4 to 5 percent of UFO reports can't be easily explained. Those are figures that have stood the test of time ever since the U.S. Air Force ended Project Blue Book -- its more than 20-year study of UFOs -- in 1969. Your reporter regrets the slight error.

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