Musician's Awesome Response To Airline That Lost His Guitar Will Make Your Day

Don't get mad... write a song. (That's how it goes, right?)

That's exactly what musician American Opera has done in the wake of an airline losing a pretty valuable piece of luggage. The description on his YouTube video lays it all out: "On the way to record my new album US Airways lost my gate-checked guitar and has not replaced it. This is my ode to them and their fantastic service." He goes on, "Please consider buying this song on iTunes so I can afford a new guitar!"

Our hats off to the musician for coming up with a creative way to restore order to the universe. You can download "Ode To US Airways (Lost My Guitar)" here.

And if you want to do more than just help American Opera replace the guitar, he offers an even grander scheme on his Facebook page: "My plan right now is to sell enough copies of this new album to buy US Airways and then give every passenger a free guitar."

Now that's first-class service.

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