It's So Easy! 11 Amazing Vegan Recipes (SLIDESHOW)

When most people find out that I don't consume animal products, the first question I'm often asked is if it's difficult to get by on such a restrictive diet. I love responding to the question (it beats having to discuss how I get enough protein and calcium!), but I've struggled to come up with a perfect answer that not only captures how easy it is, but also describes the plethora of foods and flavors found in a plant-based diet.

Thanks to the talented group of creative chefs, cookbook authors and bloggers that are part of the expert community of contributors on One Green Planet, all I have to do lately is point people to some delicious recipes and encourage them to give it a try.

Here's just a sample that includes appetizers, entrées and dessserts. Try them out yourself and find out why eliminating animal products is anything but difficult or restrictive.

Got a good vegan recipe you'd like to share? Please contact us to find out how you can get involved.

It's So Easy! 11 Amazing Vegan Recipes (SLIDESHOW)