The Epic Viral Zit-Popping You Cannot Un-See

"This is YouTube-f--king worthy."

We're going to use Halloween as an excuse to gross you out with this viral zit-popping. Believe it or not, media outlets are eating this up -- but maybe that's the wrong choice of words.

It begins with a two-finger squeeze on what looks like a creature from science-fiction. Without getting too much into detail, the violent excavation of pus and blood from the pimple leaves a crater that one observer in the video describes as a "bullet hole." "It looks like you got shot," he says. And it keeps going from there. "This is YouTube-f--king worthy," a woman can be heard saying.

We'll give you one more chance to turn back -- we won't let anyone know you were here. But if you continue forward, hey, it's your lunch to lose.

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