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The Secrets To Throwing A World-Class Fundraiser

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I have yet to meet a small business owner or entrepreneur who didn't have money woes. A great majority of, if not all, small businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to make money from the get-go. Starting, maintaining and growing a business takes operating capital. Turning a profit will take months, if not years, which is why most entrepreneurs look to fundraising or bootstrapping to raise money to help their 'nonprofit' become a 'making-a-profit.'

Rather than taking traditional paths for throwing an event, take some advice from the nonprofit world and host a fundraising event!

Your startup doesn't have to be a 501(3) to benefit from a fundraising event. Beyond raising money, a fundraiser can help to publicize your company, build strategic partnerships, and promote your lofty, yet not fully realized, vision. While accruing donations is the main purpose of a fundraiser, money cannot be the only focus. Your main priority should be producing a well-organized, memorable experience. Money will follow if the event communicates to attendees and prospective donors how special your organization's mission is. People want to associate with a good cause.

"A well-executed event accomplishes more than just fundraising; it has the potential of building brand evangelists and, ultimately, buyers of your product," said Vivanista founder Layne Gray.

Wondering where to begin? Get your startup off the ground with these 10 easy steps.

1. Set Goals

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