Vivienne Westwood Shows Up To 'Occupy London'

We've seen celebs come out to show their "Occupy Wall Street" support, but not too many fashion folk so far (unless you count Kanye West, who attended wearing Balmain).

But Women's Wear Daily reports that Vivienne Westwood showed up to "Occupy London" on Tuesday, visiting the tents set up near St. Paul's Cathedral.

Westwood, outspoken in her activism on a variety of causes, was accompanied by her sons, Joe Corre and Ben Westwood, who the Evening Standard reports to be regular visitors of the London protest.

While the London protests do not focus particularly on Westwood's principle cause, climate change, another Westwood concern is excessive consumerism, which certainly fits the "Occupy" theme.

We're all for "Occupy" activism, especially from fashion bigwigs. But is it bad that we're mostly curious what Dame Westwood wore to the protest?