Icelandic Man Bakes Delicious Looking 'Volcano Bread' Using The Earth As His Oven

What did you do today?

While you’re still dragging your feet to open the bread maker your aunt got you for the holidays last year, some people are taking to way more natural and interesting techniques to bake bread of their own.

Viktor Sveinsson uses the natural hot springs in Laugarvatn, Iceland to bake an Iceland rye bread, or “Volcano bread,” as the video above is titled. Using rye flour, wheat flour, sugar, baking powder, milk and a pinch of salt, Sveinsson whips up a dough he then buries in the bubbling earth. Though the temperature in the ground can vary, he says in the video above the bread is heated to about 100 degrees Celsius, or around 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Welcome to my bakery,” he says, before digging up a giant pot that has been buried for 24 hours. The result? One seriously delicious looking loaf of bread that looks very much like cake, and, thanks in part to the very generous portion of butter with which it is served, puts our breakfast to shame.

Alison Grasso, a New York City-based content creator, captured Sveinsson’s moves on camera for the short film above. Check out more videos from Grasso on her YouTube page, and excuse us while we look up flights to Iceland.