The Waffle Ice Cream Tower Cake, AKA The Best Cake You'll Never Have To Bake (VIDEO)

The Best Cake You'll Never Have To Bake

Here at HuffPost Taste, we are strong believers in the necessity of a cake's presence at all major celebrations. However, we also understand that cake isn't everyone's favorite dessert, and that baking isn't always the most convenient thing to pack into your busy schedule. If you can relate, keep reading and buckle your seatbelt.

Inspired by the existence of waffle sandwiches, we wondered what would happen if you sandwiched layer upon layer of ice cream between frozen waffles. Yes, we said frozen waffles -- Eggos, Aunt Jemima, or what have you. Homemade waffles just don't cut mustard for this project, because they lack the sturdiness that this cake requires. And frankly, though we're typically strong proponents for baking from scratch, this recipe was created with convenience in mind.

We made said cake, shot the above video, and then devoured it. And oh, did we devour it. We used a combination of the following ice cream flavors: Chocolate, salted caramel, cookies and cream, mint, strawberry, black cherry, and coconut. Despite not being giant fans of flavor-melding, something about the myriad flavors combining with the yeasty waffles cut the sweetness to make it insanely palatable. And a word to the wise: Don't skip the hot fudge. The combination of hot and cold is to die for.

Our staff has officially declared this the cake we're going to make for all future celebrations that are in the vicinity of a freezer. HAPPY NON-BAKING!

Here's what you'll need:

1 box (10-pack) frozen waffles, whatever flavor or brand you so desire
9 scoops of ice cream (whatever flavors float your boat), softened at room temperature for about 20 minutes
1 cup hot fudge (we like this recipe)
Rainbow sprinkles

Ice cream scoop
Large offset spatula, for spreading ice cream

  1. First, place a waffle (still frozen!) on the center of a cake plate.

  • Place one large scoop of softened ice cream on top of the waffle. Spread it evenly across the waffle, leaving 1/2" at the edges to allow for spreading. It's imperative that you spread the ice cream as evenly as possible, to prevent your ice cream cake tower from tipping over.
  • Repeat layers of waffles and ice cream until all of the waffles are used up, finishing with one frozen waffle on top.
  • Place the tower in your freezer for at least 60 minutes to firm it up.
  • When you're ready to serve the cake, remove cake from the freezer and pour the hot fudge on top, then decorate with sprinkles. Slice it up and serve quickly!
  • And for those of you about to accuse us of giving America diabetes, relax. You're not going to eat this whole cake. (Unless you want to, in which case, more power to you.)

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