Walk Of Shame Shuttle Comes To Your Rescue (VIDEO)

After a night of blackout drinking, the so-called "walk of shame" is every bit as American as that just-in-case trip to the local free clinic.

Now, Jalopnik has discovered one young entrepreneur who's discovered a way to profit from the time honored tradition of regret and self-loathing.

University of Michigan senior Kellyann Wargo started the Walk of Shame Shuttle which, as the business' flyer notes, provides the customer with transportation to anywhere in Ann Arbor, complete with a free bottle of water, a Plan B coupon and, perhaps best of all, no judgement. All for the downright reasonable price of $5.

Wargo told Bro Bible that she decided to start the business because she was essentially doing it for free anyway.

"I have a particularly friendly roommate (Amanda) who takes advantage of my access to the mom van I [sic] that I drive- I have it for work," Wargo told the site. "She always texts me to pick her up in the morning and then I make her buy me McDonalds for payment.

"She suggested I make a business out of it because she, like many girls, doesn't want to call a taxi that takes forever and is usually some sort of father figure, middle aged man, driver."

Check out the Walk of Shame Shuttle's commercial above.